Crime in South Africa

Crime, is a problem in SA. Know where you're going before you set off, particularly at night, watch your possessions, don't walk alone in dodgy areas, lock your doors at night. There are some areas of major cities which are more dodgy than others. It is easy to avoid these and still have a good time. If you are unsure speak to the locals!!!

Avoid wearing visible jewellery, especially Gold chains, beware or carrying cameras and ladies hand bags over your shoulder. Don't flash your mobile phones and wallets.

It is not advisable to use local commuter and metro trains as attacks on foreigners have occurred. Special transport for games will be provided...(will update soon)


Be aware that car hijackings do occur especialy in Gauteng, precautions can be taken to try and avoid this. Always be alert especially at traffic lights and stop streets, as well as when arriving at or leaving your premises. Doors must be locked at all times, and while the temptation is to keep windows open in sunny weather, keep windows closed.
Plan your travel route beforehand, if you are making use of GPS becareful of the route it takes you through always stick to the main roads.

Smash and Grab

Do not leave valuables on the car seat in view of people who stand at robots, there are many "Smash & Grab" occurences. Phones, GPS's, Lap Tops and handbags left on seats are favoured targets of smash'n'grab thieves.


When parking at night choose well-lit or security-patrolled parking areas. Street security guards will usually ask whether they can watch over your car and in return should be paid a small fee – anything from two rand upwards.

ATMs and con artists

Watch out for con artists. A favoured target is the automated teller machine (ATM). Under no circumstances allow a stranger to assist you in your transactions. Should your card become stuck in the ATM, enter your PIN three times whereupon the machine will retain your card. You can then approach the bank to release it, or call the helpline number that can usually be found at ATMs for assistance.
Beware, too, of confidence tricksters who try and persuade you to invest in their schemes, requiring you to disclose confidential banking details.

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