South African Health Services

South Africa has some of the best PRIVATE health care in the world, but the public health care facilities are very poor (that's trying to be diplomatic).

NB: It is crucial that you have medical aid / insurance cover. Private health care is expensive and private hospitals will insist on upfront payment if you are not insured. It can literally be a matter of life or death if you have a medical emergency.

Health FAQ:

What emergency services are available?
If I go to a state hospital, will I have to pay?
Do state hospitals offer specialist treatment?
How do I find a private hospital in my area?
How do I find a GP in my area?
Should I get medical cover?
What medicines can I get over the counter?
What about alternative health practitioners?
What are traditional healers?
Is abortion legal? Where is it offered?
Where can I buy organic foods?
What is SA's policy on immunisation?

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