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Published on 04-04-2010 12:43 PM

ANC Youth League president Julius Malema is to blame for the death of Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) leader Eugene Terre'Blanche, the party said on Sunday.AWB secretary-general Andre Visagie told Sapa in a telephonic interview that "there will be revenge" for Terre'Blanche's murder."We are going to finish with funeral arrangements and thereafter have a summit conference on May 1 in Pretoria, where all our leaders and members of AWB will come together and decide on what actions we will take to revenge Terre'Blanche's death," said Visagie."Our leader's death is directly linked to Julius Malema's 'kill the boer' song," he said."And [ANC general-secretary] Gwede Mantashe, made excuses on behalf of Malema in February, and up till today Jacob Zuma has not stopped it."He said despite a court interdict preventing Malema from singing the song, "he still persists"."He still persists in continuing the hate speech [by singing] 'kill the boer' and this means that the government condones what Malema is saying."If they come to us with condolences right now, we cannot accept it...because they condone Malema's hate songs."Visagie said he was aware of Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa's visit to the Terre'Blanche family home along with Police Commissioner Bheki Cele."AWB members will be meeting with them later today." He noted that ever since Malema told youth to "kill the boer", there had been at least one murder a day of white people.The African National Congress was also to blame for Terre'Blanche's murder, he told Sapa."If there is no law and order in a country where a goverment is supposed to maintain law and order, the party responsible for maintaining law and order is also responsible (for Terre'Blanche's murder)." He said members of AWB will protect themselves with any means necessary."In future, we will have to protect ourselves in a much more proper way... I studied law, and according to common law, everybody is entitled to defend their life whenever threatened."Section 21 states that everybody has the right to live, it is clear that this has no meaning for white people in South Africa."Visagie said he received numerous calls from AWB members since Saturday night and some were of recommendations and others were of a "different nature".He said the funeral would take place either on Thursday or Friday.Terre'Blanche had only one daughter, Beya.ANC spokesman Jackson Mthembu said Malema was not to blame for the "kill the boer" song nor the murder."Julius has not acted in a manner that promotes polarisation.The song is not a Julius is an ANC song," he said in a telephonic interview with's news channel."If people are irritated by Julius for whatever reason....we ask them to stay calm," he said.Mthembu said it was wrong for people to blame Malema for a song that had been sung by the ANC for many years."If you have problems with the song, we say put it to the ANC...if this song is creating problems, tell the ANC...and they will look at it," he said.

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  1. Good idea - tell the anc & govt about how offensive and hate-filled the siong is. Call them on the govt hotline and let them know how there is no room for such hate speech in a country where life means nothing. Chances are you will not get through on the hotline - nor will anything be done!

    2010 venues will be inviting to visitors... but be warned - best you know where not to venture lest you pay with your life for such a simple mistake.

    Just remember - life means nothing in Africa... easy come, easy go!