Fifa 2010 World Cup Matches in Cape Town Sold Out

Many South Africans were offered cheap Fifa World Cup Tickets after standing for hours in the que fans left empty handed as The final World Cup ticket sales phase descended into farce yesterday. This was due to poor organisation and IT chaos. Many wasted a whole day and left dismayed and angry. All cheap tickets to the FIFA World Cup matches in Cape Town are sold out.


  1. Why wasn’t these additional tickets offered to the unsuccessful applicants who previously applied via FIFAs web site. They should have had first chance. I waiting in frustration for 6 hours at FNB Messina (Limpopo) whilst they tried to sort out the IT problems & during 9 hours they only managed to process 2 applications Shame on FIFA they are a totally unprofessional organization

  2. I totally agree with the previous readers comments.
    Seep Blatter and his under hand dealings with Match are the main reasons behind the SA ticket disarray

  3. You need to understand that Seep Blatter is only in power because he lives off the poor little African and third world Football associations voting power for keeping him in office. Most third world countries are corrupt hence Seep Blatter is in good company .... Birds of a feather stick together