Fifa a Victim of South Africa High Crime Rate

Fifa a Victim of South Africa Crime

Fifa Headquaters Robbed in Johannesburg South Africa

A robbery at the Fifa headquarters in Johannesburg was confirmed by national police commissioner General Bheki Cele on Tuesday."Yes we know there was burglary there. We are looking into it," Cele told a national press club briefing in Pretoria.He said seven trophy replicas and two jerseys had been taken during the incident which led police to believe that the crime was perpetrated by people familiar with the offices.It was not immediately clear when the incident took place.Meanwhile, Cele said that since the start of the World Cup 316 people had been arrested, 207 of them South Africans, for tournament-related crime.They were followed by Ethiopians at 11, Algerians (nine), UK citizens (eight), six people each from Mozambique, Zimbabwe, America and Pakistan, five people from Argentina and four Slovakians."It's the United Nations of crime," he quipped to much laughter.Cele said 90 percent of the arrests had been in connection with theft and by far the majority of these cases could be attributed to negligence on the part of the lawful owner.This was as cellphones and laptops had been left unattended and then stolen.He said police were also increasing their vigilance outside the stadiums as to date 29 cases of unauthorised ticket scalping had been reported."Thirty-three persons have been arrested in these cases of which 14 are South African and 19 are citizens of other countries," he said.

- Sapa

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  1. They need to provide more security for the coming days as it be becoming crucial at the time of the the quarter finals