Fifa World Cup Fever Hits South Africa

Nelson Mandela (above) not able to attend Fifa 2010 World Cup

I woke up this morning at 7:00 am to the sound of vuvuzelas blowing, cars have flags over their mirrors and attached on roofs. Last night's opening concert in Soweto was packed and clearly had a African flavour with a line up of black artists.

Unfortunately, Nelson Mandela who dreamed of attending the Fifa World Cup will not be attending as his great granddaughter (13) was killed in a car crash, his ex wife Winnie Mandela was also in the car accident. What a sad day for such a tragic accident to have taken place. It is so sad not to see Nelson Mandela attending this once in a life time event.

Mexico will be taking on South Africa at 4:00 pm this after noon at Soccer City in Johannesburg and to say the least it will be a noisy event. The gates opening at 10:00 am this morning and fans are already packing into the stadium, at 2:00 pm the official opening event will take place before the kick off.

The time has come at last for South Africa to show the world that we are capable of hosting the largest sporting event on the planet...let the games begin!

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