Fifa World Cup 2010 Match Scores and Results

Fifa 2010 South Africa - Latest Match Scores and Results

Fifa 2010 World Cup South Africa Results:

SA vs Mexico - 1 - 1 (draw)

France vs Uruguay 0-0 (draw)

Korea vs Greece 2-0 (win)

Argentina vs Nigeria 1-0 (win)

USA vs England 1-1 (draw)

Ghana vs Serbia 1-0 (Win)

Germany vs Australia 4-0 (Win)

Netherlands vs Denmark 2-0 (Win)

Japan vs Cameron 1-0 (Win)

Italy vs Paraguay 1-1 (draw) in a very cold and wet Cape Town

New Zealand vs Slovakia 1-1 (draw)

Portugal vs Ivory Coast (0-0) draw played at Port Elizabeth

Brazil vs Korea DPR (2-1) Win at Ellis Park

Honduras vs Chile (0-1) Win

Switzerland vs Spain (1-0) Win at Durban (First Ever Victory against Spain)

South Africa vs Uruguay (0-3) Win (big disappointment for SA)

Argentina vs South Korea (4-1) Win for Argentina Highlights

Greece vs Nigeria (2-1) Win for Greece Highlights

France vs Mexico (0-2) Nice Win for Mexico could help SA to get through to the next round..

Germany vs Serbia (0-0) Live update

USA vs Slovenia (2-2) should have been 3 if goal was not denied....

England vs Algeria (0-0) Disappointing...

Netherlands vs Japan (1-0) Victory for Netherlands :-) Played at Durban

Italy vs New Zealand (1-1) draw Highlights

Slovakia Paraguay (0-2) Win for Paraguay (final 16) Highlights

Brazil vs Ivory Coast (3-0) Win for Brazil

Portugal vs North Korea (7-0) Biggest Victory in the Fifa 2010 World Cup! Highlights

South Africa vs France (2-1) Victory for SA (not enough to qualify for the next stage)

Mexico vs Uruguay (0-1) Victory for Uruguay (goes through to the next stage)

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