Portugal Celebrates biggest Victory in Fifa World Cup 2010

Portugal thrashed North Korea with 7 goals to North Korea 0 goals at Greenpoint Stadium, Cape Town South Africa this afternoon. This is the Fifa World Cup 2010 biggest victory so far!

Ronaldo managed to score a goal 3 minutes before the end of the match. Raul Meireles, Simao, Hugo Almeida, Tiago, LiƩdson and Cristiano Ronaldo all scored goals. This puts Portugal in the 16 teams going through to the semi finals of the Fifa 2010 World Cup and one of the top teams next to Brazil that could possibly be in the finals.

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  1. Its the biggest victory of Portugal in the world cup the smashing 7-0 over North Korea
    Cheers for your country and join the Fan page at: