Today's Fifa World Cup Matches

The Weather is great in Cape Town, South Africa today as the Dutch take on Cameroon Tonight

Today the next round of eliminations begin in the Fifa 2010 World Cup
Group E Matches:

The 2010 Fifa World Cup Group E match between Cameroon and Netherlands playing in Cape Town today at 8:30 pm (local time) and Dutch Fans are all ready painting Cape Town Orange as the expect a win against Cameroon tonight. The Cameroons are going to give it all they have got in all or nothing game and the Dutch won't be in for an easy defeat. According a report put out by Mzansi Football, it has been a disappointing campaign for the Cameroonians, with rumours of infighting and dissatisfaction with the team selections of coach Paul Le Guen. The Netherlands have already secured their place in the Last 16 so they can relax and enjoy the match.
Group F Matches:

Then Few would have thought Group F would look at this stage. World champions Italy sharing second place with New Zealand, and Paraguay leading the pack. Today these teams will battle it out for their places in the last 16.

SVK (1 point) takes on World Champions Italy (2 points) at 16:00 (SA Local Time)
Denmark takes on Japan at 20:30 (SA Local Time)
PAR (4 points) takes on NZL (2 points) at 16:00

Today's matches are going to be tough and for some a big they leave the arena of the Fifa 2010 World Cup in South Africa.


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