Fifa 2010 South Africa Final

South Africa Fifa 2010 Final

It seems like just yesterday, that the announcement was made that South Africa would host the Fifa World Cup 2010. Four years ago this seemed like an impossible dream, but today it is a reality that South Africa managed to host the Fifa World Cup for the first time on Africa soil. Leading up to the 2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa faced all sorts of problems and the rest of world was wondering could South Africa overcome its problems such as political unrest caused by Julius Malema the ANC Youth League leader, labour unrest in key areas such transport and electricity and the threat of right wing unrest with the murder of Eugine Tereblanche the leader of the AWB. On top of this South Africa had to deal with the security threats of the country's high crime rate especially in the murder capital of the world Johannesburg. The Fifa 2010 World Cup seemed to have performed the impossible for South Africa uniting the people of South Africa what Nelson Mandela used to call the "Rainbow Nation". It's fair to say the Fifa World Cup 2010 is an incredible success and South Africa can now boost to the world what it is capable of. The legacy of the Fifa World Cup 2010 should bring many visitors to our shores in the future to experience what South Africa has to offer from the big 5 (game), amazing coastal towns, mountains and much more.

The Fifa World Cup Stadiums will always be a reminder of the potential of this incredible nation. It would be great if the majority of South Africans could now move forward and accept that apartheid is in the past and focus on building a secure environment with plenty of opportunity for all who are now proudly South African.

Nelson Mandela who unfortunately could not make the opening of the Fifa 2010 World Cup due to a death in his family, will hopefully be able to hand the Fifa World Cup Trophy to the winning team of The Fifa 2010 World Cup South Africa. What a legacy that would leave behind, this was the dream of Nelson Mandela and the others that struggled for a democratic South Africa. I would like to say Madeba you are a true hero an incredible person if were not for your vision and humble heart this would not have been possible! Viva Mandela Viva your legacy will live on forever. So, a big congratulations to all that made the Fifa 2010 World Cup South Africa possible Dannie Jordan and his team and every person in South Africa well done!

Tomorrow we see the final between Netherlands and Spain a battle of battles the golden ball will be played in the city of gold Johannesburg at Soccer City. For all those who played and those who came to support the Fifa 2010 World Cup...Thank You Enjoy the Final unti next time...

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