Opening day of Fifa 2010 World Cup tickets a "huge success"!!!

I think a lot of anxiety was broken today, as many South Africans were very concerned about ticket sales to the Fifa 2010 World Cup. Especialy due to the global economic melt down, that is obviously going to have a negative effect on ticket sales. South African can be more relaxed now as Fifa reported today that the first day of ticket sales was a huge success! :-)

Fifa reported: "There was a global scramble for 2010 FIFA World Cup tickets as soon as the online ticket portal on got underway on 20 February at 12h00 CET/13h00 South African time.

Twenty-four hours after the online tickets went on sale, applications from 128 countries for 216,975 tickets had been received via the website, excluding the hard paper applications handed in by South African residents at FNB branches in the host country.

The biggest number of orders came from South Africans, followed by applicants from Great Britain, the USA, Germany, Brazil, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Switzerland, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain and Argentina.

"These are fantastic numbers, underlining yet again the fervour taking hold around the world for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the first on the African continent. It is very exciting and further evidence that the global football family want to be part of this unique event on this very special continent," says David Will, FIFA Honorary Vice-President and Chairman of the FIFA Ticketing Sub-Committee.

"We are absolutely ecstatic with the phenomenal response of football fans around the world to the start of ticket sales for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. It reinforces the faith of the global football fraternity in South Africa. We stand ready as a country and a continent to warmly welcome the world in 2010, "says Danny Jordaan, CEO of the Organising Committee.

So to all of you who thought the Fifa 2010 World Cup would be a flop, it looks like this may be the best World Cup ever to be held and every South African will be able to hold your head up high! Well done Nelson Mandela, Danny Jordaan and all the Fifa executives for having the faith in South Africa to pull this off!!!

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