ANC - Hate Speech ahead of 2010 World Cup

As South Africa is getting ready to set the stage for the FIFA World Cup 2010, the rulling goverment party the ANC youth league leader Julius Malema was found guily of hate speech. He said the woman who accused the South Afican president Jacob Zuma of rape had had a “nice time’’ because she stayed the night and asked for taxi money! Jacob Zuma was acquitted of rape in 2006 after he insisted that the sex was consensual and went on to become president last year.

Just hours after Malema’s conviction he provoked a second round of hate-speech this time he lead students in singing a song that calls for "killing of white South African farmers".

Supporters of Julius Malema have launched a racially charged campaign on Facebook in which they vow to rape and kill white people in his defence. One of the comments on the Facebook reads: “You fucking white pigs, we will then take our land, and every trespasser, namely white whores, we will rape them and kill them ... White kids will be burned ... It is true what Malema said, silently we shall kill them. Households will be broken into and families will be slaughtered.”

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