Watch Your Baggage When Comming To SA

One of the biggest problems when coming to South Africa is baggage theft. There is a huge problem at our airports. If you are coming here for the World Cup be certain that your baggage is highly likely be broken into and that valuables will be stolen!

Sounds extreme but this is the case for many travelers coming to SA. To avoid this happening to you do not pack anything of value into your luggage and wrap your suitcases with plastic wrapping before checking it in. Keep any thing of value in your hand luggage.

The thieves work in syndications at South African airports. When luggage is x-rayed they break into your suitcases to remove anything of value sometimes the entire suitcase will disappear. Be warned and you won't be in for a nasty surprise also as a safe gaurd pack a few items of clothing into your hand luggage incase your suitecase is stolen.

At hotels nothing is safe, SA has one of the highest crime rates in the world! Watch out for leaving anything of value lying around including expensive clothing as these are attractive to thieves.

Also watch out for drawing cash at ATMs there are syndications hanging around ATMs cloning cards! Always be on guard at ATMs and stick to regular tourist routes.

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