Fifa Drops Charges Against Dutch Girls

Fifa dropped the criminal charges it laid against two attractive Dutch Ladies for wearing orange mini dresses at a Fifa 2010 World Cup match. Fifa pressed charges against the Dutch Ladies for "ambush marketing".
But today the criminal charges were withdrawn against Barbara Castelein and Mirthe Nieuwpoort. Their passports were returned and they were greeted by supporters when they left the Johannesburg Magistrates Court.
The girls only crime was being two of 36 sexy women wearing orange mini dresses with a tiny Bavaria label at the match between Holland and Denmark last week. If the girls were not arrested no body would have even known about the apparent ambush marketing stunt. Now however the girls are now infamous and Baveria has enjoyed world wide publicity at these girls expense.

Castelein, 29, and 30-year-old Nieuwpoort were arrested, ordered to surrender their passports and forced to post bail or face immediate imprisonment for wearing orange mini skirts!

The world was outraged at the arrest of the girls!

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