Journalists Arrest in South Africa Outrages British Media

The journalist working for Trinity Mirror (UK) was arrested in South Africa over an English Fan entering the England Football Team's change room during a Fifa 2010 World Cup Match. The breech of security was an embarrassment for South African security and what made matters worse was that Prince William and Prince Harry had been present in the change room shortly before the angry English football supporter breeched security and barged into the change room.

The SAP (South African Police) arrested Simon Wright the British journalist, on suspicion of "orchestrating" the event. The English Football Supporter was initially released but was later arrested at a guest house in Camps Bay, Cape Town and was then also detained by the SAPS.

Simon Wright interviewed the English Football Fan, Pavlos Joseph for the Sunday Mirror newspaper UK. This lead to his arrest and accusations by South African Security that he harboured the fan and planed the incident. Today, (Tuesday) the owners of the Sunday Mirror insisted Simon Wright had not done any wrong and rejected any allegations that suggested that he had staged the event to get a story. Nick Fullagar the director of media group Trinity Mirror said in a media statement "It was an absolutely legitimate story that Simon Wright was involved in and he conducted himself perfectly properly as he would have here in the UK".

In the meanwhile Simon Wright has been bailed out and will be waiting for an outcome of the case the World Cup Court in South Africa on Wednesday.

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