Terrorists Arrested at Zimbabwe / South Africa Border during Fifa 2010 World Cup

Above: Zimbabweans crossing near the Beightbridge Border into South Africa

South African police arrested two Pakistani terrorists wanted by Interpol. One of the Pakistani terror suspects had a warrant sought by Interpol in connection with terrorist activities. The terror suspects tried to enter South Africa on Sunday (28 June), at the Beitbridge border crossing from Zimbabwe to South Africa. It is unclear what the terror suspects intentions were coming to South Africa during the world Cup. They obviously however tried to take advantage of the weak security at the Beitbridge Border Crossing where thousand of people come to and from South Africa. There are also many illegal border crossings by hundred as Zimbabweans flock to South Africa to escape poverty in Zimbabwe. The state-controlled Zimbabwean newspaper,"The Herald” reported that the South African police arrested the two Pakistan citizens, Muhammad Imran, 33 and Chaudhry Parvez Ahmed 39. Whilst trying to enter South Africa. The terror suspects came from Saudi Arabia, then took a flight to Tanzania, where they managed to obtained fake Kenyan passports. They then drove by vehicle to to Zimbabwe. They are currently been held in custody in Harare. The South Africa's border with Zimbabwe security has been tightened for the 2010 World Cup. It is a great concern that terror suspects have attempted to enter South Africa and hopefully security forces in South Africa will be able to keep terrorists from disrupting a great event thus far.

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