Victory for Netherlands Fifa 2010 World Cup Quater Final

Dutch Fans celebrate victory against Slovakia!

This afternoon Netherlands defeated Slovakia by 2:1. This match was crucial for Slovakia but they now exit the Fifa 2010 World Cup. Netherlands took the lead early on and at the end of the second half Netherlands had scored two goals against Slovika (2:0. In the the second half Slovakia managed to score thier one and only goal against the Dutch.

Many South African's support the Dutch as South Africa was a Dutch Colony founded by the Dutch East India Company. Afrikaans people are Dutch decendents and Dutch history has deep roots in South Africa. Afrikaans "Baie Geluk Holland"

To watch the highlights of the Netherlands vs Slovakia match:

To watch the rest of the Fifa 2010 World Cup live online see:

The next Fifa 2010 World Cup of the quater finals is this evening between Brazil and Chile this should be another tense game with both sides having a lot at stake...

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  1. They lead with the same confidence to the semi-finals too.
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