South Africa- Eugene Terre'Blanche-Murder-could cause civil war

Eugene Terre'Blanche was murdered on his farm yesterday, hacked to death with a panga. This comes after Julius Malema the leader of the ANC youth league continues to provoke hatred in South Africa by singing "kill the farmers".

Julius Malema continued to defy a court order banning him from singing the song "kill the boer (farmer)" yesterday in Zimbabwe where he sang the song wearing a Robert Mugabe T-Shirt at a conference to show his loyalty to Zanu PF members. South Africa is meant to be solving the political situation between Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai.

Eugene Terre'Blanche was the leader of the right wing movement the AWB - Afrikaner Weerstandbeweging (Afrikaner Resistance Movement). The political state in South Africa is now as unstable as before the elections of 1994. The year before the release of Nelson Mandela.

Hate speech by Julius Malema has provoked farm murders and as per his fan page (that has been removed) fans threaten to kill whites, rape their wives and burn their children. Here is a photo of a recent farm attack victim hacked with a panga the same weapon that killed Eugine Terre'Blanche.

COSATU the largest union in South Africa is also at in the firing line of Julius Malema after exposing corruption in Julius Malema's business deals. COSATU also threaten mass action during the 2010 World Cup which would cause chaos during the world cup due to 25% electricity price hikes in SA.

Malema, currently in Zimbabwe said he will not meet the opposition Movement for Democratic Change because it was not a liberation movement. He asked “Who is the MDC? They enjoy the comfort of South Africa and from their luxurious, air-conditioned offices in Sandton they insult us.” (see link Malema visit to Zimbabwe). At a rally he announced his support for Robert Mugabe saying he is revolutionary leader and that South Africa needs to follow the way of Zimbabwe with land reforms and nationalizing mines in South Africa. However he soon changed his tune now that he is worried about his life due to the murder of Eugene Terre'Blanche. He pleaded from Zimbabwe he knew nothing of the murder and condemned the murder, this a contradiction to what he was singing moments earlier.

If the AWB takes revenge there could be a civil war in South Africa, this would endanger white people including tourists as hatred in South Africa is pointed at white people. The FIFA 2010 World Cup could be a target for both left or right wing movements. Thus far we have heard no statements from FIFA condemning hate speech from ANC youth leader Julius Malema. Yesterday both the ANC and the DP urged South Africans to remain calm and wait for the outcome of Eugine Terre'Blanche murder investigation in Ventersdorp.

For latest images of the AWB murder see link: images of AWB Murder


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